"Power beyond question–is ‘tyranocracy’, not democracy."  Manja McCade

About the Art-Installation

Welcome to the thought-provoking and immersive world of Belmarsh Live - an art installation created by Leipzig-based artist Manja McCade and activist conceptualist Tom Aslan.

This powerful and emotional art project is based on the shocking and unjust incarceration of Julian Assange, a journalist who has been held in solitary confinement at Belmarsh high-security prison in London since 2019. Manja was deeply moved by the injustice Julian was facing and decided to create an art installation that would convey the torment and torture he was enduring in a way that a painting could not.

The result is a hauntingly realistic recreation of Julian's cell, designed to replicate the sensory experience of being confined in such a small and oppressive space. Visitors to the installation are invited to step inside and feel for themselves the psychological toll of solitary confinement.

Belmarsh Live goes beyond the physical experience of the cell, however. Everything that happens within the installation is broadcast online, allowing people all over the world to witness and understand the realities of Julian's situation. It is a powerful statement about the importance of public art and the role it can play in social and political discourse.

This groundbreaking project draws inspiration from the likes of Joseph Beuys and Christoph Schlingensief, artists who were unafraid to tackle difficult and controversial topics in their work. Belmarsh Live continues this tradition by inviting audiences to engage with one of the most pressing issues of our time - the erosion of freedom of the press and the unjust treatment of those who seek to expose the truth.

Join us as we take Belmarsh Live on the road, spreading awareness and understanding about the plight of Julian Assange and the importance of free speech in a democratic society. 

Manja McCade

About Manja the artist 

Meet Manja  - a Leipzig-based artist and activist who has been fighting for the freedom of Julian Assange for years. Her artworks were mainly exhibited in Germany, the UK, and the US before she expanded her creative horizons to installations and performative art projects. Manja is the founder of "The Resistance Of Art", a sub stack page where she shares her thoughts on the transformative power of art in creating a better world. Her favorite artist is Joseph Beuys, who is known for his provocative and socially engaged works

About Tom the Conceptionist

Tom is a true visionary and an exceptionally creative entrepreneur with a unique talent for developing outstanding concepts and ideas. He has been an unwavering activist for human rights and freedom for many years, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to supporting his fellow brothers and sisters in arms.

Tom Aslan

Notes from Inside Belmarsh Live

At the heart of our art installation, lies a powerful message of hope and resilience. As our "prisoners" spend time in the cell, they are given a rare opportunity to express their innermost thoughts and emotions. Their poignant notes and heartfelt messages are woven into the very fabric of our artwork, creating a powerful tapestry of human connection and solidarity. And for those who wish to send a personal note of support to Julian, we will make sure it is delivered directly to him in prison. Join us in this powerful movement for change!

Some pics 

Just some little impressions for you from us 

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