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A bit of "Behind the scene"

How it all began

Step behind the scenes of the captivating world of Belmarsh Live, an emotive and thought-provoking performative art installation by Leipzig-based artist Manja McCade and activist and conceptualist Tom Aslan. Theirs is a story of two creative minds that found each other as brother and sister in arms, united in their fight for Julian Assange's freedom.

Manja and Tom's paths first crossed in May 2022, as she was preparing an art exhibition in Leipzig dedicated to Julian Assange. When Tom inquired about the nature of her work, Manja confided that she felt unable to capture the torture and injustice Julian was facing through painting alone. So she resolved to create an art installation that would recreate Julian's prison cell in Belmarsh, with the hope that visitors would develop a deep understanding of the torment he endures every day.

Upon hearing her idea, Tom was instantly moved and suggested taking the installation to the streets, to show the world how Julian is being unjustly punished. This conversation marked the birth of Belmarsh Live, a powerful and moving expression of their shared beliefs in freedom of expression and the power of art to bring about change.

Since its inception in October 2022, Belmarsh Live has been on the road, showcased in many cities, and has been met with an outpouring of emotion from visitors moved by its powerful message. Reading notes left by visitors expressing their support for Julian and admiration for the installation, Manja and Tom feel affirmed in their approach and inspired to keep fighting for the truth.

Join the movement and follow along as Belmarsh Live continues to tour, spreading awareness and touching hearts wherever it goes. 

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Can Dündar

Can Dündar visited Belmarsh Live in Berlin at the "Noisy Leaks" exhibition and gave us this statement. 

Graig Murray

Former UK Ambassador Graig Murray visited Belmarsh Live at the ITHAKA screening in Halle Germany 

Andreas Rebers

German comedian and TV star Andreas Rebers supported us in Leipzig at a local vigil for Julian Assange

Andrej Hunko

German MP for "The Left" Andrej Hunko visited Belmarsh Live at the ITHAKA screening in Cologne Germany

Bijan - Cologne

The Cologne based artist Bijan performs his song "Set Him Free" in Belmarsh Live at the ITHAKA screening in Cologne

Daniel Lismore

UK based artist and supporter for Julian Assange visited Belmarsh Live in Berlin at the opening of the Noisy Leaks exhibition