We will join the DAY X protest in Berlin on February 20. & 21. at Pariser Platz in front of the Brandenburg Gate / US Embassy. Together with Free Assange Leipzig and Mahnwache Free Assange Berlin we will make a lot of noise! We can not let them extradite Julian - If they get away with it, WE ARE ALL DONE! We will lose all freedom. A fight for Julians freedom is a fight for your very own freedom. 


Dear Supporters,

We are  thrilled to share the incredible journey we experienced in Strasbourg from October 10 to October 12, as Belmarsh Live took a powerful stand in front of the Council of Europe. Our mission was to raise awareness for Julian Assange, and it evolved into a captivating exploration of the intersection between art and activism.

See here some of the statements we got from MP´s at the Parliamentarian Assembly at the Council Of Europe aswell as President Tiny Kox! 




Tiny Kox 

the president of the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe takes a clear stand in support of Julian Assange 

Lord Leslie Griffiths

and his very clear statement in support of Julian Assange 

Paul Gavan MP 

with a very clear statement in support of Julian Assange 


Join us on July 3rd from 5 pm to 8 pm at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin as we come together to celebrate Julian Assange's birthday. This event, organized by "Mahnwache Free Assange Berlin" will feature a lineup of inspiring speakers and talented artists, including the presence of Belmarsh Live.

We are honored to be invited to this significant gathering, where we will join forces with like-minded individuals to raise awareness about Julian's unjust confinement and advocate for his freedom. Belmarsh Live will bring its powerful artwork to show the world what Julian has to face day in and day out! 
Throughout the evening, you can expect engaging talks, captivating performances, and a strong sense of unity among supporters of Julian Assange. We will highlight the importance of defending free speech, preserving press freedom, and challenging the oppressive systems that seek to silence truth-tellers.

Show your Support 

Hot off the press! We've just launched our very own support store where you can snag a snazzy T-Shirt and help fund our project. All proceeds will be funneled directly into covering the operational costs of our installation. By buying a shirt, you're not only showing your support, but also helping us keep our appearances affordable for promoters, galleries, and activists. Check it out now!

Past Events

Here you can see some of our past events since October 2022

We've been hitting the road nearly every week, traveling all over Germany to bring our art installation to new audiences. And at each stop, we've had the pleasure of recording some amazing videos with our visitors, which you can now check out on our YouTube channel. YouTube Channel

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